Sharks and Sea Lions

Here is a shark feeding with some swimming sharks. This is off Nassau and is about at 50 feet of depth in the Caribbean Sea

And here is some sea lions. This is roughly at 80 feet of depth off Cabo around the point and is at the area where the Gulf of California mixes with the Pacific Ocean. You can hear the seals barking if you listen.

What are the pictures in Story Visuals

Several folks have asked me what the pictures are and so the answer is, I picked a selection of shots from many different times and locations that represent some of the places and things Dar and Kerry have been through or lived around in the stories.

The pictures of wrecks are either somewhere in the Caribbean or off the coast of Florida, and the sharks are from Nassau. I will go back and link a vid of the shark dive that shark picture came from and maybe one with sea lions off Cabo.

If you see a long coastline it's a shot of Miami Beach when you are on the deck of a cruise ship heading out Government Cut. There's a couple of random sunsets that were taken from the office building parking lot I used to work at. I like to take pictures and I have about 20,000 of them so I have a bunch to choose from.

Florida kind of tells it's own story. Anyone who has experienced #Floridaman on the inter webs knows this. :-). this eagle though is from Alaska.


What is this?

This is a robot's blog. This is not, as you might expect, a real site. It's a framework for a site for the fictional characters Dar and Kerry Roberts, in their varied adventures because I put the URL in one of the books and felt obligated to have a landing page for it somewhere. I am going to put up some pictures of things in the books - Miami, and other places, and fish and all that ad I will probably link some stuff here just for fun. Maybe an Ask the Nerd column. We will see.